• Question: Have you had any thoughts on the way to encourage the girls into this career?

    Asked by OttilieHS to Sandra on 9 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Sandra Fayemiwo

      Sandra Fayemiwo answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Thank you for your question, my thoughts on this would be changing the conversation about science and engineering in school. Allowing pupils understand how science and engineering is essential to shaping the future and making a difference. Changing girl’s perception about science and engineering that although it is a male dominated field as it may seem, it is an attractive career for women.

      Like what STEM clubs are already doing in schools, getting boys and girls to engage in extracurricular activities to appreciate creative problem solving and build their confidence; allowing young people explore and discover these STEM subjects in a fun way.

      Also, I will add that for girls, they need to be encouraged to get involved in practical fun projects that show how engineering really matters to the world instead of being told how much hard work engineering is or how much abstract math they will need. Making young girls meet other confident females already training in the field.

      And lastly, girls in science and engineering can have fun like any other young women in other professions.