• Question: how has being an engineer changed you life

    Asked by Nickintosh687 to Andrew, Dona, Liena, Sandra, Stevie on 9 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Andrew Allan

      Andrew Allan answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I would say being an engineer hasn’t changed my life – it is my life. I’ve always enjoyed understanding how things work and trying to improve them. Taking things apart and rebuilding them and now, I get paid to do it too!

      The really important moment was when I was at school. I really didn’t know what career I wanted – but my guidance teacher suggested that I should consider studying engineering at university.

      Studying engineering at university made it possible for me have an engineering job now – I really appreciate her advice – that advice shaped my career.

    • Photo: Sandra Fayemiwo

      Sandra Fayemiwo answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      I would say I had a role model, my uncle is an electrical engineer and as a child I remember sitting with him to de-couple and couple devices for repairs and it was so much fun, solve math problems.

      That shaped my decision into studying engineering. I live a pretty normal life but affects some of my everyday judgement positively.

    • Photo: Steven Wray

      Steven Wray answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      Now, I get paid to do my hobby! Being engineer is also slowly improving my understanding of the world and the technology within it.

    • Photo: Dona Galhena

      Dona Galhena answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      It changed my life completely. It brought me to Cambridge and gave me the opportunity to travel around the world, meet different people and experience different cultures.
      I did my BSc in chemistry, MPhil in materials science and then started to do my PhD in electrical engineering. It made me a complete researcher.