• Question: If a solar powered car which collects uv radiation and ir radiation as well was sunlight and it worked, what would the advantages and diadvantages of it ?

    Asked by ansh amazing to Andrew, Dona, Liena, Stevie on 18 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Steven Wray

      Steven Wray answered on 18 Nov 2015:

      UV and IR are both types of electromagentic radiation, just at different wavelength. There are solar technologies that allow lots of layers to be put down that each absorb a different frequency. The advantage is you absorb more of the available power, the disadvantage is it’s probably more expensive!

    • Photo: Dona Galhena

      Dona Galhena answered on 18 Nov 2015:

      There is a lot of research going on to produce a photovoltaic cell that is capable of generating electricity not only from visible light, but from ultraviolet and infrared light as well. The goal behind this is to harness a substantial portion of solar energy for human use and increase the efficiency of solar power conversion.

      Generally, solar powered cars are quiet, because electric motors which power solar cars are generally smaller and operate without the noise and vibrations generally associated with conventional cars. Since there is no internal combustion engine and no combustion takes place, it produces no harmful emissions. Also, they require very low maintenance. Specially, if it collects UV and IR radiation, it will help to slow down the global warming.
      However, people cannot rely on solar cars. The reason is, although solar energy is an unlimited resource, it is not always available when it’s needed.