• Question: What are the benefits of your job?

    Asked by Michael Manning to Andrew, Dona, Liena, Sandra, Stevie on 8 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Andrew Allan

      Andrew Allan answered on 8 Nov 2015:

      Over the last two years I’ve been on a engineering graduate programme. This means that I’ve worked in many different areas of the business to get a wide understanding of how the company works. I’ve worked in electrical, mechanical and performance engineering; environmental and regulation; commercial and business strategy. I’ve really enjoyed all these different jobs.

      I work for a company which operates in Germany, the Netherlands and all over the UK. I enjoy the opportunity to travel too.

    • Photo: Steven Wray

      Steven Wray answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I get plenty of annual leave days a year, 25 as standard but we also get extra days here and there attached to bank holidays. Also, after 8 years of working at UKAEA you get 30 days of annual leave!!

      There’s a social club on site which means I can go and play snooker or all sorts of sports and activities at lunch times. Every year we have a softball tournament where groups from around site form softball teams and get competing! The electrical engineers always seem to lose…

      There are also loads of little benefits like eye checks and support services.

      But the biggest benefit of all is getting to do my hobby as a job!

    • Photo: Sandra Fayemiwo

      Sandra Fayemiwo answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      I work for a multidisciplinary consultancy; I get to work with various field of engineering, civil, mechanical, environmental scientist and so on. My work involves complex project around the world and tend have design meeting in different countries, I get to travel a lot, attend international conferences and the good part is I get to lodge in nice hotels and have good food.

      I get 22 days annual holiday and some health benefit as well.

    • Photo: Dona Galhena

      Dona Galhena answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      If you love travelling without spending a penny, I think my job is the best! I get the opportunity to travel a lot to different countries and meet different people. (however, for that, you have to be a part of a “rich” research group :))
      Also, I think it is flexible. You have work to do, but you do not have a fixed period of time to work in a day. So it is up to you to divide your time and finish your work for the day.