• Question: what is your fav sport

    Asked by Jamez123 to Andrew, Dona, Liena, Stevie on 18 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Andrew Allan

      Andrew Allan answered on 18 Nov 2015:

      I love playing squash (although I’m not very good) and also cycling my road bike. My road bike is from 1983 – I’ve worked on it myself to keep it running smoothly! To watch, I enjoy Rugby and also sometimes F1. What’s your favorite sport?

    • Photo: Dona Galhena

      Dona Galhena answered on 18 Nov 2015:

      Kabaddi. It is a sport that originated in Asia.

    • Photo: Steven Wray

      Steven Wray answered on 19 Nov 2015:

      I’m not a big fan of sport! I like playing softball…